Discernir o Profeta

Há aqueles que distorcem a natureza do mandato evangélico, e, pior ainda, dão contra-testemunho e escândalo de mau exemplo.

Discerning the Prophet

There are those who distort the nature of the Gospel mandate, and worse, give counter-witness and scandal of bad example.

Passando da morte para a vida

O segredo de uma vida sábia e feliz reside, portanto, em acreditar e confiar no Senhor que fez o Céu e a Terra.

Back from death to life

The secret of a wise and happy life, then, lies in believing and trusting in the Good Lord who made Heaven and Earth.

Faith amid the Storms

To sustain life we need to make a leap of faith – something that even the disciples failed to do at first.

Under His Wing

The three Readings of today invite us to proceed humbly and patiently, with faith, hope and trust in the Lord.  

Serpent vs. Salvation

Jesus is that life coach who gives us hope as no other can. Our years may waste away, but not so our soul, which is ‘renewed every day.’

Culture between the Covers

While the author urges fellow Goans to make culture relevant to future generations, she lashes out at the authorities for their venality.

Eucharist and Life

Eucharistic miracles offer proof of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. The Bl. Carlo Acutis designed and created a world exhibition of them.