Ever faithful, never mute

If by some misfortune the shepherd becomes a wolf, we the flock must defend ourselves. As a community, we must shed our goody-goody image.

Goencheo Mhonn’neo – VII | Adágios Goeses – VII

Panchui bottam sarkim nhoi. Não tem igual dimensão os cinco dedos da mão; toda a personalidade não tem a mesma habilidade.

Glow of the Resurrection

May our spiritual renewal fired with the spirit of the Resurrection help us proclaim the Good News of Christ our Lord to the world!

Konkani is not a dialect of Marathi – 5B

Not despicable minutiae that can be explained as ‘the degeneration of Konkani taken to extremes’, but fundamental divergences indeed....

CBCI and the Apostles

If it be natural for one to fear bloodshed, is it not supernatural that martyrs have had the courage to shed their own?

Konkani is not a dialect of Marathi – 5A

A look at Konkani grammar, which properly characterises the language and provides a safe criterion to determine its linguistic independence.

The Holy Night of our Lord’s Return

The Easter Vigil has the longest, the most ancient, the most sacred, the most profound and most beautiful of all the liturgies of the Church.

High: Priest, Drama, Treason

In a moment of high drama, the Jews declared, ‘We have no king but Caesar’, thus siding with Rome and renouncing Israel’s messianic hope.

Faithful to the End

Let us pray that we may form a community ever faithful to the Lord our God and be blessed with the joy of His help.