Holy Trinity and our Humility

What does it take to believe in the Holy Trinity? Despite momentous happenings and eloquent teachings, some hold on to their prejudices.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The profusion of Readings on the occasion of Pentecost parallels the great outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

Ponnji atam mhatari zalea

Zolmant ek favt tori Gõycho mukhelmontri za ani jivitachem kalyann korun ghe! Tathastu!! Tedischean Tiblun vachop soddlem…

The Real Ascension Story

Witnessed by many and duly recorded for posterity, the Ascension touches the concrete reality of our daily lives.

Love and Salvation

Our love reflecting God’s love will serve as evidence that God exists and that His Son is the Lord of our eternal salvation.

Konkani is not a dialect of Marathi – 6

They stated that Konkani has been in existence for only about four hundred years, thus insinuating that it was a creation of the Christians.

Abiding with God

Only when human law is united with divine law, and human love with divine love, can divine life penetrate human life.

Ever faithful, never mute

If by some misfortune the shepherd becomes a wolf, we the flock must defend ourselves. As a community, we must shed our goody-goody image.

Goencheo Mhonn’neo – VII | Adágios Goeses – VII

Panchui bottam sarkim nhoi. Não tem igual dimensão os cinco dedos da mão; toda a personalidade não tem a mesma habilidade.