Love: for God’s sake

Can enemies of Christian civilisation be hacking at its very foundations… and we foolishly let it go, in the name of ‘love’?

Unto God and Caesar

Serving a legitimate temporal authority is necessary for society to function; we should align earthly administration with divine law.

The Elect to Eternal Life

It is the wearing of the garment of Christ in a worthy manner that will entitle us to the heavenly banquet.

Adágios Goeses – IV | Goencheo Mhonneo – IV

Uma quarta lista de adágios, extraídos do livro Enfiada de Anexins Goeses, obra bilíngue concani-português, de Roque Bernardo Barreto Miranda.

Labouring in the Vineyard

The West, after reaping the fruits of Christian Civilisation, has sadly failed to cling to the old rugged Cross.

Mission of Love

By her spirituality of trust and absolute surrender, she has rendered service to the renewed proclamation and experience of the Gospel.

Konkani is not a dialect of Marathi – 1

Much has been written to the discredit of the ill-fated Konkani language and one must know if she really deserves such treatment.

God above all else

There is no better antidote to all that bedevils us than to cultivate a deep faith, hope and trust in God.

Dalgado and the Konkani-Marathi Controversy

Dalgado helped put to rest issues that were plaguing Konkani ever since a Scotsman had questioned its independence over a century earlier.