The Challenge of the Light

Clearly, the blind man received not only natural sight but also supernatural light!

Drinking of the Living Water

Is it not downright stupid for us who have the Saviour of the World to dabble in a weird world of petty godmen who go about ruining souls?

Adágios Goeses (Parte III)

Barreto Miranda valorizou não só a sabedoria do povo como também a língua da sua terra natal.

Transfigured by the Cross

It is high time the world realised that by drawing back from the Cross it is in fact at cross-purposes with God’s loving plan of salvation.

From Trials to Triumph

Behold the spirit and substance of the Son of Man: whereas Adam feasted and fell, Jesus fasted and did not fall.

Where are the Fishers of Men?

To neutralise nefarious influences, it is of the essence that the powers that be uphold the Apostolic Tradition.

A Noiva

Que remédio, se uma traição dessas estava reservada à minha prima direita! Mesmo assim, não perdeu a esperança que tinha no seu noivo.

Primordial Light

Jesus began His public ministry after His Baptism. It is fitting that the readings should touch on that primordial light of Christianity.

Choques e Surpresas Culturais | Culture Shocks and Surprises

Teriam sido sinceros os Acordos assinados pelas duas partes? Continua a haver a necessária vontade política na sua execução?