LENT 2020 – Day 22

Readings: Deut 4, 1.5-9; Ps 147, 12-13, 15-16, 19-20; Mt 5, 17-19

Absolute freedom is an impossible dream, for in exercising it one is likely to trample on another’s rights. Hence the need for laws in society: they ensure that people live in harmony. Man-made laws based on natural justice guarantee a healthy balance between rights and duties.

Moses conveyed God’s laws to the people and hoped that they would go in and take possession of the land destined for them. Israel was poised to become a great nation, of wise and understanding people. They were God’s “chosen race”, privileged to have Him so close to them.

God had exhorted his people to pass on His statutes and ordinances from generation to generation. But alas, Israel departed from those righteous laws; inane additions turned them into a caricature. That’s when God intervened in human history by sending down His only Son – not to abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfil them. For instance, Jesus portrayed the Ten Commandments in a new light. Love (of God and neighbour) became the byword.

Very importantly, Jesus urged his disciples to not water down His precepts. This is an eye-opening command for us Christians, particularly for our priests, parents, teachers and leaders in general: we are called to be serious about our Christian vocation; none should take liberties with the law or even just temporise. Aren’t we extra careful to see we don’t infringe the State law? Why, then, are faith and morals a free-for-all?

Today, let’s resolve to love the law of God and soon we will taste true peace and joy!