Luminous Epiphany

The Magi accepted Jesus while the authorities rejected Him – a pathetic drama that is still unfolding in our times!

Under Two Holy Names

The first day of the civil year is the Octave of Christmas and is also dedicated to the Mother of God and the Holy Name of Jesus,

The Three Christmas Masses

Although all three Masses dwell on the theme of hope, light and salvation, each has its own focus; and all of them are worth reflecting upon.

Awaiting that Wondrous Birth

The birth of our Saviour is imminent, yet we find ourselves so engrossed in worldly things that we forego the Saviour!

Joy beyond compare

The world falsely equates joy with feasting. Paradoxical though it may seem, supernatural joy calls for fasting, besides a life of prayer, virtue and penance.

Panjim Church to me

The city church has been part and parcel of my life for as long as I can remember. I feel sorry to see it serve as a backdrop for photoshoots.

A story of great promise

As we enter the second week of Advent, the Prince of Peace gives us the graces to achieve peace of mind and heart.

Watchful and Fearless

After the last few Sundays of sombre eschatological texts, today’s Readings are refreshing as the morning dew.

The Hope of Advent

Christmas brings hope, for it not only marks Christ’s birth on earth but also teaches us to await His Second Coming.